Full central heating systems.

You may live in a property which has never had a gas central heating system installed. No problem.

The Heating Company can install a fully efficient, brand new heating system designed to meet the specifications required for your home.

Whether it be conventional heating, underfloor heating or a combination of both we will advise you on all potential options.


New Boilers from The Heating Company

The average life span of a boiler is 12 years and a gas fired boiler accounts for around 55% of what you spend in a year on energy bills. Therefore an efficient boiler makes a big difference.

Please see for more information.

Our area of expertise is supplying and installing new energy efficient systems.

Fortunately  we are able to provide exceptionally competitive prices for new boilers. We also get extended product warranties due to our enhanced training we have undertaken with our suppliers.

Contact us and book an appointment to arrange a quote for a new boiler installation. An expert will visit your home and provide you with a free fixed price quotation.

You will know the fixed cost before work commences, with each stage of the job explained from start to finish.


Annual gas checks

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Most people only ever call a heating engineer to arrange a boiler service when their boiler stops working. By that time the problem is usually major and costly.

But a faulty boiler isn’t just inconvenient, potentially it can be deadly.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal and common causes are faulty or poorly maintained appliances.

It is vital that you get your boiler and gas appliances inspected and serviced regularly to make sure they are working as safely and efficiently as possible.

We recommend all of your gas appliances in the house  are checked for safety every 12 months.


Underfloor Heating Systems.

Underfloor heating systems are becoming more popular and here are just a few reasons why;

Cost effective compared to radiators. Up to 55% less energy required.

UFH heats the whole floor surface and every corner of the room whilst the heat is felt at the optimum height, 1.5-2m,

Comfortable heat without cold or hot spots.

Extra useable space in the room, free to furnish without radiator constraints.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to get in touch




The heating company Solihull

What is Powerflushing?

A powerflush is a process that gives your central heating system a thorough internal clean.

Over time some heating systems may experience poor circulation. This can lead to lukewarm radiators, poor hot water, increased noise and sludge build up.

By powerflushing your heating system, sludge & built up residue will be removed helping to make your system work more efficiently and protecting boiler components from damage.

How does Powerflushing Work?

The water in a central heating system is always pumped in the same direction, iron filings and sludge build up within each radiator in your system.

This has a detrimental effect on the efficiency of both your radiators and your boiler. It affects your whole central heating system, reducing it’s life expectancy.

When a system is professionally power flushed, the system is flushed in different directions. Agitating the sludge and debris, so the system can be drained of the deposits.

When flushing a system, special chemicals are used to ensure the breakdown of the sludge inside the system, prior to the deposits being removed.


Ultimately a full system power-flush will increase boiler lifespan and system efficiency, lowering bills and reducing the risk of future breakdowns.